Tibbets Media has 33 years of experience with digital and traditional media buying services. We specialize in radio, television, outdoor, online streaming and display media buying and planning.

About Us

Since 1983 Tibbets Media has provided knowledgeable, sophisticated and, most importantly, effective media planning and buying services for advertising agencies and direct clients nationwide.
At Tibbets Media, our goal is to help our clients meet their marketing goals. Some might call our efforts amazing - the truth is we work hard, very hard, and we work smart. We call upon the vast network of relationships we have built with the media, our expertise of media planning and buying, and our stellar negotiating skills, to secure the most effective media buys possible. It's this combination of hard work, knowledge, relationships, skill, and experience that makes Tibbets Media so effective in buying television, cable, radio, digital, print and out-of-home advertising.


  • Strategic media planning
  • Creative, precise and effective media buying
  • Skilled negotiation and industry knowledge
  • Maintenance and monitoring of your media buys and detailed invoice verification and reconcilition
  • Post-buy analysis for broadcast television and digital executions
  • Skilled promotion and merchandising negotiations
  • Spot traffic

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